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When choosing a penis vacuum pump, you want to know that the device you choose is safe, approved and that it will actually deliver good results….This is a second generation device that is proven to deliver solid, visibly longer erections in a matter of minutes and with regular use, will generate permanent penis enlargement. It is also highly effective at treating and reducing curvature caused by diseases such as Peyronies disease. Of all the devices currently available, there are some really good reasons why this is the best one around.

Here A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose This Specific Pump

1. Capacity – well sized and it will fit all shapes and sizes of penis, it doesn’t matter if you are currently on the small size – at around 2-4” when erect or are lucky to have a penis that measures 9 – 10” or more, the pump will comfortably suit you whatever size you may be.

2. Results – proven to generate longer, harder erections that are longer lasting in a matter of minutes, this makes it the perfect device for any man who has erection difficulties. For those suffering with curvature or wishing to increase their penile length, the device generates cellular duplication that helps to break down the plaques that cause the curvature, the additional cells produced, will also add mass to the penis, increasing length and girth.

3. Working Pressures - Unlike any other device, the pump is supplied with a range of 5 interchangeable pressure gaiters that increase or reduce the working pressure to suit your requirements – this gives the penis the maximum workout – maximizing results – No other vacuum device offers this variation.

4. Guarantee - comes with 60 day cash back guarantee on all purchases. This gives you an amazing amount of time to try the penis pump and make sure you are happy with the results – if not simply return for a full refund…This amazing guarantee proves the manufacturers belief and commitment to both the device itself and their valued customers.

5. Warranty - All parts are guaranteed for a lifetime

6. Accessories – A full range of replacement gaiters and other handy accessories such as cleaning foams and a shower strap are available to buy at any time at official website

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How The Pump Will Help You

There are many differing methods that can be used to lengthen a man's penis, some, such as surgery, are invasive, costly, painful, and not always that successful. Other things like penis pills do not have any proven long term enlargement properties and penis exercises can only usually offer limited results, unlike the this penis pump.

Penis Traction

The only proven and effective method of lengthening a penis is by using a traction device, there are a number of devices available out there, some use a mechanical stretching force to make penises longer, others use the power of a vacuum. One highly effective example of a vacuum device is the one supplied.

How Does Traction Work

Traction in its various forms has been used by doctors worldwide to effectively straighten and lengthen stunted or damaged limbs. Many ancient tribal cultures use traction to great effect to lengthen body parts including their necks, earlobes and lips. The process is painless and actually rather simple. As the penis is placed under the pulling pressure, the internal cells gradually separate and duplicate, this (over a period of time) encourages the growth of new skin cells, blood vessels and muscle that adds bulk and length to the penis. The pump is excellent in all of these!

How Does It Work

Unlike many mechanical traction devices, the device made we have here is a traction device with a distinct difference.. Instead of placing a physical pulling pressure on the penis, the pump uses the power of both water and vacuum to both lengthen and protect the penis.

Simple To Use

This pump is easy to use, it is specially designed to work in the bath or shower, but can be used anywhere. The operation is simple, simply fill the pump with water and then place over the penis, making sure the rubber gaiter seal fits tightly to the groin area. (There is a choice of gaiter seals available that provide different pressure settings). The device is then pumped up and down to expel some of the water and air to form a vacuum inside the device. Pump the device until the pressure is at the maximum that you feel you want to use.. This pressure inside is the vacuum that helps to draw increased amounts of blood into the penis. The water left remaining in the device supports and protects the penis during the process. As this blood flows into the penis, the extra volume of blood actually stretches the internal chambers of the penis, to make the penis visibly larger, thicker and harder. Once the desired effect is reached, the device is easily de-pressurized so it can be removed easily. The erection gained from using it is usually long lasting, allowing for increased enjoyment during lovemaking.

penomet pump

How Long Does The Increase In Size Last

Initially users can benefit from increased erection size and strength from the first use, however as the erection subsides, the size will revert back to normal. With regular daily use of between 15 and 20 minutes per day, the penis will gradually increase in size permanently with reported results of between 2” and 3” increase on length commonplace. Think of your penis as a muscle; if you go to the gym once and work your muscles hard, they will look ‘pumped up’ for a while before reverting back. It is only with regular visits to the gym that you can enjoy permanent muscle growth. You can enjoy immediate results after the first use but these will reduce with time, only with regular use will you experience permanent growth.

How Large Could I Get With The Pump

From the very first use, the resulting erections are longer, thicker and harder, with regular daily use a permanent increase in length of between 2 and 3” is possible along with a 30% increase in girth (thickness).

Doctor Approved And Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back - sold with a full 365 day cash back guarantee that assures you of a full refund if after using it as directed you fail to see any increase in size.

Disclaimer: This page is provided for information purposes only is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult a physician or other medical professional. If you don't have one use Bing to find a provider near you. This is a device intended for adult use only. Some of the links posted might be affiliated with the official site.